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Me and Cat Beardsley met in a coffee shop and decided to do a photo shoot,i recommended the model and hairdresser and Cat had her idea about raw beauty shoot in a woods.It took us a month for preparations as everybody are busy and its hard to find a day when everyone are free... Our model Zhenya was a lovely lady that accepted to be part of the story we all put together. She was the most patient and accommodating model you can imagine and she put up with the cold without any complaints.

Cat met Jo (florist lady) from Issy and Bella at the Munstone House Wedding Fayre recently and she immediately loved her natural style,she made the most lovely bouquet in the world, matching our woodlands themed photo session, without which our woodlands bride wouldn’t have looked the same!

We contacted Gerli,the hairdresser and explained what we had in mind and she said: “I can do anything you want me to do!” and fitted so quickly with the plan. We had gorgeous free and wild hairstyle that added to the feel of the session. And last but not at all least, Elizabeth Terzza‘s contemporary jewellery , Cat asked her if she wanted to join us and she told me that she met her about two years ago at a Christmas Fayre in Hereford and couldn’t stop admiring her nature inspired work!

Everyone worked really hard; it was a well prepared portrait shoot...The weather forecast was not brilliant for the day but we went along with it anyway and we were blessed with a completely rainless session!

I wanted to say huge thank you to Cat and her husband Richard for such a nice pictures!!

Model: Zhenya Pakas Dress: 1970’s Vintage Bridal Dress

Photographers Cat and Richard Beardsley : Make-up: Makeup by Anastasia Hair: Hair by Gerli

Jewellery: Elizabeth Terzz

Behind the scenes,some photos i took with my camera

Makeup is done ...finishing touches

Cold day,brave Zhenya

What a raw beauty she is...

Finished result!!!!!! photos by Cat and Richard Beardsley

please have a look on this website for more pictures :

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