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My first ever photo shoot

Along the way I also developed an interest in photography and decided to pursue it more seriously.

I bought a new camera NIKON D7100 and currently im learning how to use it properly i know it will take time but im very happy with my first photoshoot with my gorgeous friend Sveta.

Many of my makeup clients will benefit from this as I will offer a photography service as part of each makeup appointment. This ensures my clients are left with a lasting memory of how beautiful and special they look with professionally applied makeup.

I asked Sveta to be my model and she kindly accepted my offer,she came to my house and i applied makeup on her,then we tried few differnt dresses and decided to go for a classic red dress and Ukranian"Vyshivanka" that Sveta bouhght in Ukraine and that dress looked absolutely stunning on her plus its a hand made dress ;)

Shooting preparations:

Just finished with the makeup and Sveta was styling her hair

So here is the result of our glamour countryside photoshoot

And different style in Ukranian dress

Thank you all for reading my blog and im very happy to do another photo shoot with someone else,please get in touch,x


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